This bin trailer is perfect for assisting in the harvesting of Kiwifruit, Avocados or Apples though with its unique suspension it is perfect for Gold Kiwifruit harvesting. All new trailers are fully galvanised, and have all brand new componentry including tires. The quick release tailgate means no more bending down and no bin drop. These trailers have been built for the past 15yrs and are robust and known for their longevity.
    Exclusively used and endorsed by top contractors EHC and Pieters Horticulture in the BOP.
    Avocado growers and contractors have a chat to us about your needs for harvesting as we understand these can differ from kiwifruit harvesting.
    YouTube video of Pieters Horticulture unloading bin trailer -
    YouTube video of Pieters Horticulture reloading bin trailer -
  • Kiwifruit Bin Trailer
    Our trailers have suspension for ease of travelling over rough ground, these are a standard feature on all new bin trailers but we can also fit these to existing bin trailers.